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If you want to pour concrete in a hard-to-reach place, our mobile concrete pump is the perfect solution. Bert Beton offers all kinds of concrete solutions, such as selling concrete and renting out concrete pumps. We provide both large pump pipes and a smaller, mobile concrete pump. Find out if we can help you./p>

The usefulness of a mobile concrete pump

Do you want to have concrete poured in Belgium? Then you can order poured concrete from Bert Beton from Rijkevorsel, near Turnhout. Do you also need a concrete pump? Then we first have to determine what kind of pump you can best rent. Our standard pumps are 40 meters long and are therefore not ideal for pouring concrete in small or hard-to-reach spaces such as gardens, garages or cellars. In that case, it is better to opt for a mobile concrete pump or trailer. That device is smaller, more maneuverable and has shorter hoses, making it ideal for pouring concrete in a small space.

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At our company you can order both your mobile concrete pump and your concrete. We send a pump attendant along, so that the deposit work is done properly. However, we do not finish the concrete ourselves. Are you interested? Request a free quote via the contact form, via the e-mail address or call 03/899 39 96.

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